The TerraCyclic™ Bio Bin TerraCyclic is the Simple and Safe Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit.
 Simple
 Wall mounted
 Easy to use
 No cleaning required
 Decreased employee labor
 Saves space
 Easy to change cartridgesSafe
 Minimal contact
 Sealed cartridges
 Reduced exposure to blood borne pathogens
 Less risk of cross infection
 Biodegradable
 Green and clean solution

TerraCyclic’s safe, sealed unit makes your restroom safe for both your customers and employees.
Cross-infection, or the transfer of a communicable disease because of a poor barrier, is a major concern for restroom users, cleaners, and facilities managers regarding sanitary waste disposal. TerraCyclic is the only disposal unit that is sealed specifically to eliminate the risk of cross infection.
Blood borne Pathogens, such as those present in sanitary waste, are microorganisms that are present in human blood that can infect and cause disease in persons who are exposed to blood containing the pathogens. The courtesy flaps, along with the sealed cartridge, decrease the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens when users dispose sanitary napkins and tampons. No longer do your customers or employees have to view or touch open bags containing harmful bacteria and blood borne pathogens, such as E-Coli, Strep, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis.

Protect Your Customers
 No more open containers in the restrooms containing used products for public viewing.
 Sealed cartridge system decreases risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens and bacteria such as E-Coli, Strep, HIV, and Hepatitis.
 No overflowing containers and offensive trash on the restroom floor.
 Because TerraCyclic is convenient and hygienic, women are more likely to use them. This means less sanitary waste products are disposed of in the toilet, reducing the expense of blockeddrains.
 Privacy for each user to dispose feminine sanitary waste.
 Deodorizer eradicates offensive odor in the restroom.

Protect Your Employees
 The sealed cartridge system minimizes employee sickness and down time due to harmful blood borne pathogens and bacteria exposure such as E-coli, Strep, HIV/AIDS, and Hepatitis
 present in this type of waste.
 OSHA standards require that employees are protected from direct physical contact with discarded feminine care products.
 No need for janitorial staff to empty containers by hand.
 No more costly blockages and maintenance calls caused by flushing waste products.
 Cartridges can be replaced 1-2 times monthly vs. 1-2 times daily with traditional wax or plastic liners.
 The unit requires no cleaning, because the entire cartridge, including the top, is disposed.
 Employees can focus on other areas of the restroom.

Green Solutions
All components of TerraCyclic’s biodegradable unit and sealed cartridges protect the environment, making TerraCyclic the responsible, green choice.
TerraCyclic’s cartridges are made from non-toxic, biodegradable plastic and can be safely disposed of in landfills. The deodorizing granules are also non-toxic and safe for landfills. And because the units don’t need cleaning, there is less energy used – reducing emissions. TerraCyclic is the only sanitary waste unit to be awarded the 2-star rating Seal of Approval by Carbon Footprint Limited.

Biodegradable Cartridges and Plastics
TerraCyclic’s cartridges are made using plastics that are designed to break down better and faster. Once they are put into landfills, they safely degrade and biodegrade within two to three years. Because the cartridges are small, they pack down more easily when they are disposed.
The TerraCyclic plastic bases are made using totally degradable plastic additives designed by Environmental Products Inc (EPI). Conventional plastics break down very slowly – taking decades or even centuries. EPI’s plastic additives, called oxo-biodegradable plastic additives, accelerate this process so that breakdown occurs over a couple of years. The end products of oxo-biodegradation are carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Extensive studies conducted by EPI, with internationally recognized laboratories and institutions, show this process do not leave harmful or toxic residues in the environment.

Natural Deodorizers Safely Break Down
The deodorizing granules within TerraCyclic’s cartridges are made from natural mineral salts, coconut-oil-based, odor neutralizing agents, odor absorbers and fragrant oils. They are readily biodegradable, leaving no environmentally damaging residues.

Eliminate Cleaning Chemicals
The cartridge, including the top and courtesy flap, inside the TerraCyclic disposal unit is thrown away each month. Therefore, the TerraCyclic unit requires no cleaning. As a result, your organization will eliminate the need and cost of harmful cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools, and employee labor.
Energy Conservation
The compact outer cylinders can be transported in halves, and the inner replacement cartridges are light and small, reducing the environmental impact of transportation. Because the units do not require any cleaning, there is less energy used – reducing emissions.

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