SPRAY Scents™ 1000
All models have chemical-resistant plastic construction, a red usage-indicator light for 3,000 actuated sprays, a keyless “press and release” button for convenient refill, a can-out reminder and an alkaline battery life of 1 year (spraying at 15 minute intervals 24 hours/day, 365 days/year).
 Model 1000 – 15 minute interval setting
 Usage indicator light
 Keyless release button for convenient refill
 Chemical-resistant plastic construction
 Can-out reminder

Recommended uses
They are formulated for use in hotels, hospitals, offices, motels, nursing homes, restaurants, schools and public buildings.

More Fresh Scents
More Fresh Scents are cases of 12 selected Champion Sprayon® SPRAYscents™ (Bayberry, Ocean Mist, Powder Fresh, Exotic Garden, Cinnamon Stick, Vanilla Bean, Warm Harvest, Mountain Meadow, Spring Linen®, Cucumber Flower, Pine Forest and Fresh Cedar).
They contain Ordenone™, a deodorizing ingredient that is an effective odor eliminator. The measured spray completely eliminates unpleasant odors and leaves a clean, fresh scent in the air, deodorizing up to 6,000 cubic feet. Our metered air fresheners are manufactured with a universal actuator tip and will fit most metered-aerosol dispensers.
 Contains Ordenone, a malodor eliminator
 Eliminates odors in a 6,000 cubic-foot area
 30-day supply (when sprayed at 15-minute intervals)
 Universal tip

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